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Dr. Carl Holm was born in California, then raised in Southeast Idaho. 
He did his undergraduate studies at Ricks College (now BYU­Idaho),
Weber State University, and Idaho State University.  He knew from the
time he was a young man that he wanted to be a dentist and was excited
to be accepted into several dental schools after only 3 (rigorous) years
of undergrad.  The University of Nebraska Medical Center­Lincoln was
his top choice and he moved as a newlywed to Lincoln, NE.  He and
his wife, Ruby, thoroughly enjoyed their time in the Midwest, where
she also attended dental hygiene school.  Dr Holm did a summer
rotation in a children’s health clinic during dental school and enjoys
taking care of children of all ages.  He completed his graduation
requirements early, so he decided to enhance his skills in some of his
favorite areas of dentistry by doing extra training in oral surgery
(especially extraction of wisdom teeth) and endodontics (root canals). 
Dr. Holm graduated with honors in 1998 and moved to Pocatello to
open his own dental practice in July 1998. 
Dr. Holm and his family love living in Idaho.  Dr. Holm volunteers
regularly with the Boy Scouts and local youth groups.  He loves the
outdoors: fishing, hiking, and camping with his wife and 6 wonderful
Dr. Holm really enjoys the variety of doing general dentistry.  He
offers most dental services, but also knows when to refer.  He
appreciates the dental specialists in the area and willingly refers when
Our staff is fantastic!  We each have 3­-15 years experience in the
dental field.  We strive to concentrate on the person, not the gadgets. 
Most importantly, we feel you deserve personal individualized care.  We
schedule time to care for you in an attentive manner not an assembly line.  
With one dentist, two hygienists, and a long term staff, you’ll see
familiar faces on each visit!
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